Viviana Ableson



A cure for the treading mind:

Allow the bath water to drain around you 

Escaping your shivering body


And pleasantly timeless


It does the work

Which is to say it flushes

Is to say gravity


Does the work

The weight

The heave

The air 


A slow dance in thuds

A song of praise

Slipping from your pocket 

Like cold feet searching the bed


Have you ever 

Run so hard 

That you started to fly?

(I did on Tuesday for one beat of the heart)

One beat, one beat, one beat of the

Rhythm keeper 

What do you do for a living?

Are you afraid of heights?

What time on Thursday does the garbageman pass by?

Is your mind still whirring when the morning chorus begins?


Rumble on cobble slides 


A third person 

Going dun dun dun dun


Your breath, the thump climax

Who makes your heart beat?

For one beat of the 

The work

When it stops,



  • The original title of this work is The Rhythm Keeper (after Baraka)
  • Written and performed on the occasion of Viviana Ableson’s exhibition GRAVITY at HaL Hofskulptur #5, Haus Am Lützowplatz, Berlin, 25 July – 25 October 2020