Performance of “Made Me” (2020) at OHM, Berlin, on the occasion of the book launch for Mitch Speed’s “One Work” series (Afterall Books), Fiorruci Made Me Hardcore.


Performed at Project Space Festival Berlin, commissioned by Ashley Berlin, July 2019.


OM COLD BLOOD, by Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000, performed at E2Sterput, Brussels, November 24 2018


  • Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000 perform at W139, Amsterdam, as part of a relocation, an exhibition organised by PEACH (Rotterdam), Sabrina Chou, and Hunter Longe


Untitled (The Power of Now), 2014, Knox & Tonner. Made in collaboration with Christian Tonner for the exhibition The Tiger With Three Legs at Organhaus Art Centre, Chongqing (China). The performer in this video is Takeo Ni. 

  • Video in accompaniment with a 7″ record release, produced with Olivier Douard for the solo exhibition, I Still Say Yes, Komplot, Brussels (2011).