Something Like #38: Grounding & Shifting Ground w/ Bitsy Knox
what is it to experience the awesome subterranean power of what lies beneath us? December 9, 2021


All my life I’ve been afraid of the ground shifting beneath my feet (and not just because I grew up on the Cascadia Subduction Zone); what is it to experience the awesome subterranean power of what lies beneath us? Is this a time to get on all fours, as low to the earth’s curve as you get? Grounding, or earthing, is an alternative therapy that relies on the earth’s electrical charge interacting with our own as a healing process. But what if this process of lowering ourselves to the earth’s surface, to feeling its electricity, its hum, is also a process of reminding ourselves where we stand—and that we stand—on a shared earth, to which we all share the same responsibility.


If none of this makes sense to you, that’s ok. Here’s a bunch of sacred music, a bunch of free jazz, a bunch of clicking and gurgling catharsis that I hope will serve a purpose in the midst of the season of long shadows!


  • As ever and forever, thanks to my dearest buddy Julien Meert (Roger 3000) for Something Like’s jingle
  • Thank you to Madeline Rose for sharing your poem with us! And thanks to Mayra for putting us in touch <3
  • Under my voice today you will hear excerpts from an exceptional album by the Spanish jazz musician Pablo A. Gimenez from 1988, The Work in Progress


p.s. This is an episode dedicated to my home ground, the Pacific Northwest of Canada, where I was lucky enough to spend the month of October amongst old friends and family!


Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Salvation/Reminiscing, Prepare Yourselves to Deal with a Miracle, 1973
Nadia Cattouse, The Message, Earth Mother, 1969
Don Cherry, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, 2020
Takashi Kohgo (向後隆) – Sahmadi. Crescent Compilation: Autre Méthode Divinatoire, 2004
Tirzah, Crepuscular Rays, Colourgrade, 2021
Ka Baird & Pekka Airaksinen, Roseclouds, FRKWYS, Vol. 17: Hungry Shells, 2021
Bergur Anderson, Troubadour’s Lament, Night Time Transmissions, 2021
Marion Brown, Sweet Earth Flying, Part 1, Sweet Earth Flying, 1974
Susan Alcorn (with Janel Leppin live at 2640, Baltimore, 2012), O Sacrum Convivium, Sister Mirror, 2020
Vladimir Oidupaa Oiun, A Thin Mountain Ash, Divine Music from Jail, 1999
Ihor Cymbrowskyj, Przyjdź Aniele (Come, Angel), Przyjdź Aniele, 1996
Madeline Rose, A Day in Which No Day, 2021
Picture Music, Hauptbahnhof, Picture Music, 1987
Lucy Liyou, You Are Every Memory, Practice 2021
CKtrl, Will the Feelings Leave, Robyn, 2020
Oakland Elementary School Arkestra, Planet Earth, Big Music Little Musicians, 2018
Willie Dunn, The Pacific, The Pacific, 1983