Something Like #48: Great Expectations w/ Bitsy Knox
What is it to feel potential unfold around us? 12 October, 2022

What is it to feel potential unfold around us? What are the sensations of possibility? What should we expect? In this episode of Something Like, we’ll take a page from the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben and explore the precipice of actuality, potentiality, and its misunderstood sister, impotentiality. Failure, success; let it in, let it out, let it go.

  • As always, thanks to Roger 3000 for Something Like’s jingle
  • Giorgio Agamben’s Potentialities (Stanford University Press, 1999) is available here to read for free.
  • I also read from Inger Christensen’s Alphabet, translated by Susanna Nied (New Directions, 2000), which is available to buy here.


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