Something Like #56: The Sommerbad, w/ Bitsy Knox
Remember when Summers felt impossibly long, or were they impossibly short? 19 July 2023

Remember when Summers felt impossibly long, or were they impossibly short, bringing with them all of the anxiety and excitement, embarrassment and lust, boredom and anticipation of beginnings?


Jeannette, Oyé Mama, Oyé Papa, Soy Rebelde, 1971
Myra Davies, Worm, Cities and Girls, 2008
Celine Gillain, Together, Mind is Mud, 2023 (cortizona)
Albert Ayler, Again Comes the Rising Sun, The Last Album, 1970 (Impulse!)
Ka Baird, Tok Tru, Sapropelic Pycnic, 2017 (Drag City)
Mu: Pradʒékt*, Mi Na Penda Sana Uya, Asia Dream, 1985
Björk, Venus as a Boy (Harpsichord version), 1993
Darlene, Ranum Kamaishe Ghar, DON’T LOVE YOU BUT WANT TO, July 2023
Chantal Michelle, Night Blindness, Night Blindness, 2021
Night Swimmer, Silver Flying, Xia Ye, 2022
Susumu Yokota, Song of the Sleeping Forest, Symbol, 2005 (Lo Recordings)
Lou Blic – Minéralité, Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980​-​1991, 2018
Tomoki Kanda, Moodswings to the Moon, Interstellar Interlude, 2012 (Crue-L Records)
Xiao Yun, Purple Garden 紫楽園, Purple Garden, 1994 (reissued in 2023 by EM records)
Dania, Spectral, Foreign Body, 2023
Tomoki Kanda, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Interstellar Interlude, 2012 (Crue-L Records)
Ben Shemie, The Mirror, Desidirata, 2022
The Oakland Elementary School Arkestra, Ripple, The Thornhill Sound, 2018 (Sundazed Music release)
Horace Tapscott Conducting The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Quagmire Manor At Five A.M., The Call, 1978
The Oakland Elementary School Arkestra, The Tailgater (with Tyrone Hill), The Thornhill Sound, 2018
Arthur Russell, In the Light of a Miracle, Picture of Bunny Rabbit, 2023
Orchestra Of The Eighth Day, Dancing In The Wind, At the Last Gate, 1984
Caetano Veloso, You Don’t Know Me, Transa, 1972