Something like #6: Almost pop music
So, you know, something like another kind of, like, pop music. April 2020


Hello my dear friends,

I’m back with the 6th edition of Something Like. This episode is dedicated to a handful of American avant-garde composers, most of whom came into prominence in the 70s and many of whom are at least loosely affiliated with Mills College’s Center for Contemporary Music in Oakland, California (which originated as the San Francisco Tape Music Center).

So, you know, something like another kind of, like, pop music.

The music under my voice this time is from Carl Stone’s Woo Lae Oak.

The blog post on Wadada Leo Smith and his scores, written by Bradley Bailey over at the Hum, can be found here:

And here’s the final scene, in all of its gay glory, of “Songs of Sappho”, featuring Andrea Goodman and the New York Greek Drama Company:

Sending my undying love and the strong urge to hug you!



1) Interspecies Small Talk Part 1, David Behrman
2) Talk 1, Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom
3) Strand, Meredith Monk
4) Songs of Sappho, Andrea Goodman
5) Portrait of Sappho, Linda Montano
6) QS, Maggi Payne
7) Seeds of a Forgotten Flower, Wadada Leo Smith & Ed Blackwell
8) Next Time Might Be Your Time, Blue Gene Tyranny
9) O Superman, Laurie Anderson