Something Like #41: Strangers, w/ Bitsy Knox
Strangers, their dangers, their mysteries, and all the feelings and fantasy and projections they produce in us. February 10, 2022


For this year’s Valentine’s Day episode, the 41st episode of Something Like, we turn to Strangers. Strangers, their dangers, their mysteries, and all the feelings and fantasy and projections they produce in us. We’re going to channel that feeling of looking across a room and catching the gaze of an unknown. Perhaps, in that brief moment, you imagine what their life is like, what they do for a living, where they live. Maybe you imagine what it would be like to have them in your life, for them to become a friend, or a lover, what it would be like for them to be in your bed, in your kitchen, what their voice sounds like. For your inner Faye Wong.


  • As ever, thanks to Roger 3000 for providing Something Like’s Jingle
  • Thanks to Mayra for introducing me to Ueda Akinari’s Tales of Moonlight and Rain <3


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