Something Like #42: Tensil Peril, w/ Bitsy Knox
Tinsel peril surely describes the sparkle of new snow, but in this new world that’s unfolding around us…10 March 2022


Tinsel peril surely describes the sparkle of new snow, but in this new world that’s unfolding around us, this new war, this new refugee crisis, tinsel peril takes on a different tone: all the flitting flimsy shimmer of yesterday’s party is now caught in the slightest wind, rustling danger in its weightlessness, its high pitched quivering. This episode is in dedication to all of the people who are being displaced by the conflict in Ukraine, and to the people who are giving their time, their homes, and their hearts to provide refugees a safe landing. Thank you <3


  • As ever, Something Like’s jingle is courtesy of Roger 3000
  • Check out the excellent Ukrainian label Muskut, from which much of the music out of Ukraine you’ll hear today derives. All proceeds of their record sales will go to Ukrainian charities and defence forces.
  • The music under my voice today comes from the inimitable Midori Takada, and Through the Looking Glass (1983).


Emily Dickinson, Glass was the Street – in Tinsel Peril (1518)
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James Newton, Skye, Flute Music, 2022
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Perila, Double Echo, A Collective Memoir, 2022
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